-----------------Advantages of uPVC Products-----------------

    Heat insulating UPVC Frame:

  • UPVC is a poor conductor of heat unlike windows made of steel and aluminium that have a higher U value.
  • Better Sealing:

  • Eco Windows are fusion welded and can be equipped with a multiple point locking system for excellent sealing.
  • Sealing between wall and window:

  • It uses silicone sealants to seal all gaps between the walls and windows for better insulation.
  • Glazing:

  • Double glazzed windows for better insulation.
  • Environmental Friendly:

  • UPVC has a lower environmental impact in its production.
  • UPVC has a long life (The life of a Eco uPVC window is equivalent to the life of a building).
  • Three innovations to keep the rain out:

  • Rain Track - An elevated section clipped on the inside track of the window functions like a dam. It captures rainwater and drains it out.
  • Sill arrangement - This special system prevents air pressure from pushing the rainwater indoors. Instead, the rainwater flows down vertically, at some distance from the outerwall.
  • Gradient slope - A track at a downward slope of 5 degrees ensures accumulated rainwater flows out.

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